Get Involved

Mothers - Help keep your family healthy!

Participate in a research study focused on:

  • Black/African American moms and their 3-5 year old children
  • Better understanding the many factors that might cause high blood pressure

Earn $100 over 4 interviews with collection of a saliva DNA sample.

What will my child and I be asked to do?

  • Give saliva (DNA) samples, check blood pressure, height and weight measurements
  • Mothers complete 4 computer-based interviews

Interested in participating?  For more information, contact us at 203-500-9620 or 844-288-2344 (toll free).

Looking for an internship?

If you are a student currently enrolled in a degree program and looking for an internship with the Intergenerational Blood Pressure Study, please email with your resume and interest in the project.