Comfort Agaba, MBBS, MPH, CHES

Comfort Agaba's picture
Research Assistant
400 West Campus Drive, Orange, CT 06477

Comfort joined the Intergenerational Blood Pressure Study (InterGEN Study) team in November 2014 from the Yale School of Medicine Equity Research and Innovation Center (ERIC), where she was a Senior Research Assistant since August 2010.

She has a Master of Public Health Degree (MPH), and has worked in clinical and health research both locally and internationally for over 10 years. Her interests are in health disparities and discrimination, with a passion for children and women’s health. She has clinical training in preventive health and enjoys teaching public health.  Comfort sees working with the Intergen BP team on this research project as a great pleasure.

Comfort worked with the InterGEN Study until June 2017, when she began a residency in internal medicine to continue her practice as a physician. Comfort will be greatly missed, but we know she will make an extraordinary physician! Thank you, Comfort, for all your have given to InterGEN and we wish you all the best!